Systems Leadership for Youths

Coming to you in 2021 …

Key Learning Stages

Iceberg Model

It can be difficult to see the bigger picture when events occur. It is therefore extremely helpful to be able to see how systems fit in the larger context before a solution can be formulated. Reality can therefore be viewed from Levels of Perspective which, with the Iceberg Model, is more easily visualised. Through this model, systems thinkers can become less reactive to events, and be able to deal with its underlying systems proactively at the core.

Systems Archetypes

Once what creates the behaviours can be observed, action can be taken to actively change these structures with the tools available. System Archetypes are one such class of tools capturing dynamic phenomena that occur repeatedly in diverse settings. They can be used as templates for diagnosing vexing long-term problems and identifying similar dynamics within an organisation in the real world. Being able to identify the relevant archetype(s) within one’s organisation allows one to better understand and tackle systemic behaviours at its root.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, participants should be able to:
    1. List and explain key Systems Thinking maxims.
    2. Explain the concept of complexity and how it relates to different types of problems.
    3. Use a Behaviour-Over-Time (BOT) Graph to map co-relationships in systems.
    4. Apply Levels of Perspectives (LOP) as a diagnostics tool to shift from event level to systems level thinking.
    5. Identify higher leverage actions for more effective systems intervention.
    6. Construct Causal Loop Diagrams to represent systemic structures.
    7. Use Key Success Loops to formulate Theories of Success.
    8. Identify the following Systems Archetypes and explain how to manage them effectively.
      • Fixes That Fail
      • Shifting the Burden.
      • Eroding Goals.
      • Escalation.
      • Limits to Success.
      • Success to the Successful.
      • Tragedy of the Commons.
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