The pandemic has shown people across the world the stark reality of how life can become when existing systems and structures, which we take for granted, no longer function properly.

In a post-Covid world, leaders and organisations will have to strive to better understand the complexities and inter-connectedness underlying the systemic structures which we have built over the years.

Seah Chin Siong
President, CEO, SIM



The SIM Centre for Systems Leadership (CSL) provides a space for facilitating leadership conversations that can lead to wider sustained, positive systemic changes in our community.


To be the learning organisation of choice for every learner.



To empower individuals and organisations to learn and thrive across life stages.


Continuous learning
Continuous learning
Respect for the Individual
Respect for
the Individual
Social Good
Social Good

Testimonials from
SIM Centre for
Systems Leadership

What I like especially about this programme was the way it was geared towards resolving complicated and sticky problems that our organisation face.


Chin Sau Ho
Senior Director, Community Partnerships & Communications
Singapore Pools

My key takeaway was actually the levels of perspective. And it’s important to understand which lever that I could leverage on to better handle the situation.


Debbie Ng
Director, People & Culture
Singapore Pools

What stood out for me was really the rich content that was covered. Up to today, I still remember the theories like levels of perspective, hierarchy of choices importance of visualization system architects and so much more.


Joy Lim
Director, Children Outreach
Singapore Children’s Society

The biggest impact was the focus on personal mastery. It allows me to have clarity on my personal vision and life’s purpose to be a steward who makes a difference in Singapore Pools as well as the community


Mohd Norhelmy Bin Ja’afar
Deputy Director, Facilities Management
Singapore Pools

What I learned during the class and workshop had guided me as I settled into my new roles. Knowing theories and framework behind systems leadership, it puts things into perspective at work.

What has benefitted me most was discovering myself through this 6-month course. Being able to identify my strength, weakness, and personal values, I was able to learn and improve myself in the way I lead the team, as well as how I lead my personal life.

In short, this course has placed me on the personal transformation path.


May Leh Khaing
Acting Medical Care Manager
Metta Welfare Association – Metta Medical Care