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Centre for Systems Leadership

The SIM Centre for Systems Leadership (CSL) provides professional learning and development, and partners professionals and enterprises in developing their systems leadership capabilities for greater individual and organisational success. Our purpose is to:

Build and propagate systems leadership capabilities in Singapore and the region, for the betterment of the Enterprise (Small, Medium and Large) sectors
Learn, relearn and reframe knowledge and perspectives to handle VUCAH world challenges
Be a space for staging leadership conversations that can catalyse sustained positive systemic changes

Why Systems Leadership

Systems thinking is a disciplined approach for examining problems more completely and accurately before acting. It allows us to ask better questions before jumping to conclusions.  Systems thinking expands the range of choices available for solving a problem by broadening our thinking and helping us articulate problems in new and different ways. At the same time, the principles of systems thinking make us aware that there are no perfect solutions; the choices we make will have an impact on other parts of the system. By anticipating the impact of each trade-off, we can minimise its severity or even use it to our own advantage. Systems thinking therefore allows us to make informed choices.
Dr. Daniel H. Kim

Dean of CSL

 “COVID-19 crisis is a ‘virulent’ example of why SYSTEMS THINKING is a necessary competency for everyone, not just for leaders.  We all need to become GLOBAL CITIZENS of the world, beyond just our national boundaries.”
-  Dr. Daniel H. Kim

Our Key Pillars

The Systems Thinking and Leadership approach is key to addressing the current complexity and volatility, faced by many local and global companies.


Organisation Learning

The shifting business and customer landscape has accentuated the need for organisations to be adaptive and agile. Creating a learning organisation (LO) allows the organisation to look at systemic structure and balance solutioning with choices that incorporate the different levels of perspectives. This will help identify key success loops for the organisation, to increase its chance of finding the right theory of success, at the right perspective and level of choice.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking is a way of seeing and talking about reality that helps us better understand and work with systems to influence the quality of life. Furthermore, because it offers a range of techniques and devices for visually capturing and communicating about systems, it is also a set of tools.

Ultimately, to be a true systems thinker, one would need to know how systems fit into the larger context of day-to-day life, how they behave, and how to manage them. We therefore need to understand the structures, connections and interrelationships in these systems that produce complex organisational dynamics, because they influence behaviours and results.

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