In today’s world, we work in and work through systems. Systems are force multipliers – but they also create problems that are complex and multi-faceted. To be effective, we need to be able to appreciate the system and its power; if not, we will be overwhelmed by the system – much like 6 blind men each feeling a part of an elephant. This programme introduces an approach to managing complexity using Systems Thinking. It enables the participants to appreciate the BIG picture and the inter-connections within the system. The participants will gain an insight into separating symptoms from real causes, and find high leverage points to implement effective solutions.

Through this programme, participants will increase their problem-solving capability, thereby bringing long-lasting efficiency and improvement at the workplace. In addition, the ability to appreciate the big picture enables them to formulate strategies, leading to aligned effort, less wastage, and ultimately improved revenue and profit margins.


Programme Outline

  1. Concept of Systems Thinking
  2. Framework for Systems Thinking (5 levels The Iceberg Model)
    • What is happening? – Establishing the facts
    • What is the real problem? – Separating symptom from root cause
    • What is causing the problem? – Appreciating the underlying structures
    • Why is this happening? – Vision and Mental Model
    • Application of Systems Thinking (Problem Solving, Strategy Creation, Culture Change)

At the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  • Analyse an issue in terms of components and their inter-connections
  • Synthesise perspectives from different stakeholders into a coherent picture
  • Assess the situation with a systems-level perspective
  • Identify the symptoms, root cause and consequences of a complex issue
  • Adopt new paradigm and new mindset to reframe a problem
  • Resolve the complex issue by creating effective solutions

Trainer Bio – Tan Hong Wee

Tan Hong Wee is an organisation development consultant who specialises in Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Coaching and Facilitation. He has delivered countless application and education workshops for organisations such as Singapore Armed Forces, Singtel, BASF, ST Engineering, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Education, Ren Ci Community Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, DSO National Laboratories and URA. Hong Wee has extensive experience in applying Systems Thinking, having helped many organisations diagnose their problems and creating effective solutions. The experience and insight from these real life cases make his workshops pragmatic, relevant and totally relatable for everyone. Hong Wee holds a M.A. (Mathematics) from Cambridge University, UK and a M.Sc. (Systems Engineering) from Naval Postgraduate School, USA. He is an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation.

Together, we can make a systemic impact to the world