SYSTEMS LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION PROGRAMME – Leading Effectively in the Complex World


In this rapidly changing environment, business leaders and managers need to reduce uncertainty and manage residual risks more effectively. Organisations and enterprises are facing numerous complex challenges with varying consequences in magnitude and duration.

To stay ahead of these challenges, leaders should therefore embrace a deep understanding of the systemic issues they want to address, integrate their ability to engage and align diverse stakeholders for shared goals and emphasise on empowering action and collaboration with Systems Leadership.

Programme Outline:

  • Foundations of systems leadership – Core capabilities, role and impact of the system leader
  • Skills for facilitating generative conversations and improving the quality of collective thinking
  • Apply collective learning tools and skills to help others surface assumptions deepen thinking
  • Apply systems thinking tools to gain fresh perspectives on seemingly intractable problems and begin the process of identifying more fundamental solutions

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants should:

  • Understand Systems Leader’s role to influence and impact key stakeholders
  • Develop leadership skills to understand the larger system for building shared goals
  • Learn tools and techniques to harness the team’s collective intelligence through deep listening and facilitation

Who Should Attend:

  • All business leaders
  • C-Suite executives
  • Directors and Managers in the Public Service
  • Private and Social sectors.
Together, we can make a systemic impact to the world