Organisations must start to develop Systems Leaders – individuals who catalyse, influence, enable and support systems-level change by mobilising diverse actors to think and work together in new ways to achieve a shared goal. Designed to develop systems leaders with the skills and capabilities to address the challenges of leading 2nd order change in an organisation, this 6-month programme (18 days of class time), will equipping participants with knowledge, skills and tools to influence the systemic and human dimensions of a change initiative where action learning using a real change project will take place. Participants will be introduced to content, which they will apply to their projects based on a ‘just-in-time, just enough’ approach. They are expected to be re ective practitioners as they go about facilitating change in their respective organisations.

Programme Outline

Developing Core Organisational Learning Capabilities

    1. Aspiration Capability: Focusing on developing a clear sense of purpose and vision at both individual and organisational levels.
      • Personal Mastery
      • Shared Vision
    2. Generative Conversation Capability: Expanding capacity to be more reflective in thinking and to become more generative, suspending presuppositions and assumptions, when thinking and talking with others.
      • Mental Models
      • Team Learning
    3. Understanding Complexity Capability: Emphasises internalising perspectives and skills to better understand and manage systemic interconnections that produce complex organisational dynamics.
      • Systems Thinking
    4. A Five-Stage Model of Skill Acquisition and Capability Development
      • Guiding learners to advance from Novice to Expert: To impart the “know-how” of Systems Thinking

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  1. Better understand how to think through the challenges of embedding learning into the existing systems as well as create new learning infrastructures
  2. Play a leadership role in helping organisations navigate through any change initiatives with the set of skills and competencies acquired from this programme
  3. Develop sufficient competency in the principles, tools, and practices of organizational learning to help lead organisations in becoming ever more effective in achieving the organisation’s vision
    Together, we can make a systemic impact to the world